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by Thrive Market  Online Market Place Price: $59.95/Year Website: Save 25-50% on all your favorite healthy living products Introduction In a world where drive-thru hamburger joints outnumber farmers markets and grocery stores, eating healthy can be a challenge.  Even when you resist the deep-fried temptation and go for a salad, you too often end up in sticker-shock. Trust me, I know…I’ve… Read more »

Washed Ashore Project

by What is The Washed Ashore Project works to increase awareness of the global tragedy of plastics pollution in the ocean. We accomplish this by collecting marine debris through organized beach clean- ups. The collected trash is used to create large scale sculptures of sea life threatened by the debris. The sculptures are created by volunteers in our workshops…. Read more »

Science For the Skeptic

by How “Micro” is the fiber? When I first learned about the Norwex Enviro Cloth, one of my first questions was, what is the difference between these and store bought Microfiber clothes? What differentiates the two, is how “micro” the fibers in the Norwex cloth are.  For something to be considered microfiber, it needs to be 1/6th the size of… Read more »

Cleaning with Water…Say What??

by See How Norwex Microfiber Works With Just Water Cleaning With Water Norwex Microfiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair and with it’s unique knitting process it becomes highly absorbent holding in the dust and grime and leaving the surface shiny and streak free. This cloth replaces the use of paper towels in your home, reduces your cleaning… Read more »