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The Hidden Dangers in Deodorant!

by Deodorant is something we use everyday and don’t really think about the hidden danger. Do you ever stop and think what you might be putting on your skin?  We get into a routine and use products that we think are safe and believe that are safe, but are they really? 7 Toxic Ingredients in Deodorant Parabens– preservatives used in some… Read more »

Jaaxy…Keyword tool at your fingertips!

by Name: Jaaxy Website: Price: $0 Free Trial, $19/mth (Pro), $49/month (Enterprise) Owners: Kyle Rating: 9 out of 10   What is Jaaxy? Jaaxy is an online keyword finder tool (or a niche keyword tool) that will reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum. Whether you’re starting a new niche website,  trying to write the next popular article for your… Read more »

Norwex Superior Mop System – Your New Best Friend

by Norwex Mop System Website: Price: $94.99 for the Mini $112.99 for the large Overall Ranking: 5 star I don’t know about you but, cleaning floors, no matter the size or how often you need to clean them, it’s never an easy or fun job!  Especially if you have kids or fur babies that shed, it’s a never ending job.  Endless… Read more »