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The Importance of Washing Makeup off

by We all have those nights when we are SO tired we don’t want to take the time to wash our face before hitting our comfy bed.  We figure we can just deal with it in the morning, however, there are short-term and long-term effects of sleeping with your makeup still on. 4 Reasons to wash your makeup off When you… Read more »

Cleaning Makeup Brushes is a Must

by Alright lets be honest, how often, if ever do we remember to clean our makeup brushes?  If you buy good one’s they are NOT cheap so we want to take care of them.  You should even wash them before you use them for the first time since they can collect dust, dirt and bacteria. For those that suffer from… Read more »

Reusable Grocery Bags, Why You Must Wash Them!

by Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags are used every year or in just one day? One day when I went to the grocery store I began to think about this, because I would come home and add more and more plastic bags to my drawer.   This began to bother me so I did some research… Read more »

10 Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Your Home.

by  10 simple steps to reduce chemicals in your life: 1.  Switch it up! Start with food and products you use often and switch to one that is organic or natural. 2. Try the farmer’s Market! You can find some great deals on organic produce and also support your local farmers. Or try planting your own garden. I know this can be difficult… Read more »