Toxic Chemicals

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The hidden dangers of toxic chemicals in our homes, body products and food.  Click on the attached pages to learn more.

Did you know that there are 85,000 chemicals on the market today?  Only about 200 of them have been tested for the long-term effects that they have on human health.  What’s even crazier to me is that most of the products are marketed towards families with young kids. When using these products, they leave a film on surfaces and fumes in the air we breath which can cause things like, asthma, skin irritations, eczema, respiratory problems, even long term effects like cancer.toxic-chemicals

Not only do we need to be aware of the cleaning products we use in our home, but also personal products that we use on ourselves and our kids.  Products like lotions, body wash and soap, deodorant, makeup, shampoos.  I never realized the dangers some of the ingredients in these products have.  How important it is to read labels and educate ourselves and others that there are alternative products we can use that are efficient and safe.

My mission is to create awareness of these toxic chemicals and what safe alternative products to use.   A few simple changes can make a HUGE difference for you and your family!

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