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Honest Company

We believe in doing our part, and we are on a “mission to build healthier, safer families”. In partnership with you, we are committed to making real change possible, and hope to inspire others to do the same.  30% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on your essential bundle!

The Honest Company natural products for families

The Honest Co


Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric mom delivers a curated experience of wholesome product discovery for moms and moms to be. Join Ecocentric Mom during your pregnancy to discover great ethical brands and awesome products you may never have seen in stores near you.  As you grow in your motherhood journey, change your subscription to receive the mom and baby box, which also has goodies for your little one.  For moms of older kids – or anyone at all -our mom box is a great choice.  Best of all, everything in your box is 100% healthy – good for you and the world around you.

(See my review)

ecofriendly subscription box of wholesome products for Moms and Moms to be

Ecocentric Mom


Natures Paradise

Natures Paradise is a family owned company that strives to live organically for the benefit of our family and yours. “As a team we at Natures Paradise are tired of the boring essential oil blends as a scent. We are excited to change things up and find such amazing real tropical fruit scents that smell so delicious that you can’t wait to reapply some more.” We will always continue to research and develop the safest natural, raw and organic skin care by using food grade ingredients that nourish the body.

You will never find any chemicals or synthetic ingredients in other products simply because they would never put chemicals on their own children or family.   So you can rest assure that these products integrity will always remain safe and beneficial for the families they serve.

Raw organic natural baby skin care products

Natural Paradise

Ergo Baby

Ergo Baby is dedicated to building a global community of confident parents with smart, ergonomic solutions.  These products enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies.

With over 30 carriers in four different categories — Original, Organic, Performance and Four Position 360 and swaddler for newborns.  Ergobaby is a leading, premium baby consumer products company that creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.


Ergobaby swaddler

Ergobaby carries and which one is right for you

Ergobaby Carrier


click for recommended products you can purchase through Amazon.  Brands like, Burt’s Bees, Touched By Nature, Era Organics, Plum Organics, Puracy Natural, Seventh Generation, Blue Buffalo, Blue Lizard and more.

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2 thoughts on “Kids

  1. Jackie

    I enjoyed learning about these different companies and I thought it was an interesting post. Especially since I’ve not heard of any of these companies. But I really like the track you’re on with chemical free living. My site is devoted to natural health. I looked around your site and it’s awesome. Especially the MOP! It’s hard to get excited about a mop, but this one is awesome! Nice job on your site. It’s well done and really fills a need.


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