LipSense- What Is All The Hype About?

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What is LipSense

I’m sure you have either tried LipSense or have heard of it from a friend or on Social Media. So what is all the hype?  LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining colors from over 50 shades.

Lipsense lip colors also contain cosmetic-grade alcohol, which has two benefits: 1) it prevents bacteria build-up in the product tubes, and 2) it exfoliates your lipsand removes build-up leftover from other products (enough so that it supposedly restores and revitalizes your lips after 1-4 weeks of using the product daily).  And finally, their products are vegan and cruelty-free.


You definitely want to make sure you apply LipSense the correct way to get the full effect.  It might take a few tries to get it right and to really fall in love with it.  But trust me, you will become addicted!

Step 1: Make sure your lips are clean and exfoliated! LipSense molecularly bonds onto your lips — which is why it lasts all day! (See ways to exfoliate your lips)

Step 2: Make sure your lips are completely dry.

Step 3:  Shake your tube of color.

Step 4: Apply the lip color from one corner of your lip to the other.

Step 5:  Start at the center of your top lip and swipe to the corner.

Step 6: If needed, get more color on your applicator and then fill in the center of your lips and then draw down to the other corner.

Step 7: You’re going to now fill in the waterline of your upper lip – in one pass.

You know when you draw with a dry erase marker?  If you go over the same spot twice, the first layer will lift a little bit?  It’s very similar with LipSense.  Try not to layer the passes until they’re completely dry!

Step 8: Start at one corner of your bottom and swipe to the other corner in one swipe.  Fill in the center if needed.

Step 9: Let it dry completely before apply the second and third layer .  It’s going to feel very sticky and might even tingle a little bit. This is normal.  The new layer can ruin that first layer if it’s not completely dry, so just be patient and wait.

Step 10: REPEAT that 2 more times!  You can use different colors or you can use the same color but you NEED three layers of product.

Step 11 When your three coats are dry, you’re going to seal your color and add some moisture back into the lips with your gloss.  There is zero moisture in the color and it will feel tacky.  Glossy gloss is the most hydrating of all the glosses.  If you’re new to the system, it’s the one that’s recommended to start with and I absolutely recommend starting with it.  It’s a little bit on the stickier side and I really hate sticky lip gloss.  So what you can do is apply the glossy gloss, rub it in nice and good to add moisture into the lips, and then go over it with a different gloss, like the matte.

See VIdeo

Step 12:  Clean up any mistakes with the Oops remover!.  The Oops! Remover can be used to 1) correct any application mistakes and 2) remove the lip color at the end of the day.

Why Does It Tingle?

LipSense has medical grade alcohol in it.  This exfoliates the lips over time and it’s actually a great thing because it keeps your lips healthy!  But if you’re constantly wearing waxy products, the LipSense is busy working on that wax build up instead of on your lips.  It’s not able to molecularly bond to your lips the way it should.  IF you are having trouble, give it two weeks.  Don’t be apprehensive, there’s just a slight learning curve!

If your color is coming off, or it’s looking splotchy, it is not the product’s fault.  If you are used to wearing chapstick and vaseline, other waxy lipsticks, you will go through an exfoliation process.  It will take a couple weeks.


  1. There are SO many great colors with a variety of tone and pigment!
  2. It went on nice and felt good with the Glossy Gloss!
  3. It lasts so much longer than other lipsticks and gloss.
  4. I LOVE that it’s vegan and cruelty-free
  5. It’s smudge proof so you can eat, drink and kiss your spouse or kids and it wont leave a mark.
  6. One tube of color should last 3-4 months.


  1. The formula isn’t the most comfortable to wear (but applying the thinnest coats possible seems to solve this).
  2. It does tingle when you first put it on.
  3. Frequent re-glossing is a must.
  4. The application process can be somewhat lengthy (and also take some practice, especially if you’re a lip balm-wearer, or swipe-and-go kinda gal like myself).
  5. The initial cost is a little pricey but it lasts SO much longer then other brands.

Where to Buy

Lipsense is sold through Independent Distributors…so chances are you have a Facebook friend that can tell you about it!  But if not, you can order directly Brooke Rivera at

Enduring Lips by Brooke on Facebook 

How Much Does LipSense Cost:

$25 for colors
$20 for glosses and
$10 for the oops remover











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