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If you are like me, your dog is part of your family and you love to spoil them. We need to be careful with what we give our pets and research what is good for them and what is not.  Just like food we eat, there are toxic ingredients you need to be aware of and try to avoid.  Even though healthier options tend to be more pricey, it will help your pet live a longer and healthier life.   (See chemicals in pet food)

Product Name: Pupjoy
Overall Ranking: 5 stars
Price: Varies $5-$170 for individual items.  Monthly Subscriptions depends on the box size, Box type, delivery frequency and how many boxes.  
Owners: Bill and Dustin
Website: http://www.pupjoy.com/




Pupjoy is a monthly subscription box just for your special pup that they will love!  Trusted personal shoppers choose what products to put in your box depending on what you selected as your box type.

First you choose the size you want

  1. Uno
    Great for Single Dog Households or Multiple Dogs with Smaller Appetites
  2. Grande
    Plus-Sized Box for Multiple Dog Households or Just Really Big Appetites

Then you can choose from 3 different box types

  1. Treats, toys and accessories
  2. Treats and accessories
  3. Treats only

You can then choose your toy preference

  1. Egalitarian (Mix)
    For low-maintenance dogs that are good with all toys, the egalitarian box features a fun variety of high-quality toys
  2. Inquisitive (Durable)
    For curious dogs who love to pull apart soft toys, this box features more durable toys and chews with no stuffing.
  3. Sensitive (Plush)
    For gentle souls that prefer to snuggle with their toys & not destroy them, the sensitive box features soft & plush toys.

Next choose your dog size

  1. Tea cup (under 10 lbs)
  2. Small (10-20 lbs)
  3. Medium (20-50 lbs)
  4. Large (50-100 lbs)
  5. Huge (over 100 lbs)

You can then choose how often you would like to receive a box

  1. Monthly
  2. Bimonthly
  3. Quarterly

The last option is how many boxes you would like

  1. Month to month
  2. 3 boxes
  3. 6 boxes
  4. 12 boxes

Most dogs have unique needs and that’s why they offer a service that is truly personalized. The boxes are filled with premium natural and organic treats, chews, toys and accessories, hand selected for each pup, and delivered to your door.


Prices range from $23 to $44 per box, based on selected options of Box Size, Treat Preference, and Number of Boxes. Cost per box and total cost are calculated in the Number of Boxes section. Save with multi-box plans!  $10 Off  welcome offer.

Pupjoy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they are a company with a purpose, supporting breast cancer, human equality and pet rescue.

It’s the service that dog parents deserve, from a socially responsible company they can be proud of.

I received my first box and I don’t know who was was more excited, me or my Bruno!  He loved the dog treats, a bag of Maggies Macaroons, Lamb airy bites and a heart shaped cookie that said I Woof You that he ate before I got a picture of it.

The box came with two toys; one is a rubber toy like a Kong that you can put treats in, the other is a heart shaped toy that crinkles when you play with it.   As you can see Bruno loves the heart!

In conclusion

When I went online to see what the total cost would have been if I purchased these products separately from someplace else, it would have been around $40.00.  One box from Pupjoy is $29.00 with the month to month option, and even cheaper depending on how many boxes you order.  3 boxes would be $27.00/box, 6 boxes would be $25.00/box and 12 boxes would be $23.00/box.

So if you are a dog lover and have a furbaby at home, spoil them with some amazing treats and toys that they will love AND are healthy for them.  It will be like Christmas every month for your pup delivered right to your door!

You can cancel or change your subscription at anytime and check on the website, they are always offering specials.
$25 off any multibox plan
$10 Off

Check out the May box



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4 thoughts on “Pupjoy

  1. Keith

    After reading your review I visited the Pupjoy website and am quite impressed with it. A novel approach i think.
    The egalatarian mix option seems fun and a great option for most dogs.
    The month to month option is another great way to keep things fresh for your best friend.
    Good review.

  2. shelley

    I am so excited to be seeing so many more solutions to all of us living chemical free. Thank you for sharing your review for Pup Joy with us. We have been poisoning our planet with the result of so many children and pets getting cancer, yet people just don’t seem to get it. I love the options and choices that Pupjoy offers and the ease to which people can get a variety for their pups. Thank You for breaking it down in such an easy to understand way. I am currently exploring the use of garlic as a flea preventive and so far so good..! I loath putting flea chemicals on my pets.. What are your recommendations for natural flea prevention?

    1. admin

      Thanks so much! We need to think about chemicals with our pets just like we do for ourselves and our kids. So many people are not aware of the harmful chemicals out there and the effects they can have.

      I was going to suggest Essential oils for a natural flea prevention. Here is a link that has some other recommendations. I didn’t know about some of these other ones. http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/7-natural-f


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