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How Essential Oils Can Help With Weight loss 

Used therapeutically for nearly 6,000 years, essential oils have been prized for their unique healing properties. A hydrophobic liquid composed of highly concentrated volatile aromatic compounds, essential oils are derived from the roots, seeds, flowers, fruits, and leaves of plants.

Aromatherapy, in particular, is thought to stimulate parts of the brain which in turn has a positive impact on physical, emotional, and mental states. The human nose can detect one trillion different odors and olfactory glands are capable of near-immediate interaction with the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus – the seat of human emotions and memory. Inhaling molecules through the nose also communicates with brain receptors that control blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, attention span, learning, pleasure, and motivation.

You may already know that essential oil aromatherapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety and hormone imbalance. While there’s no substitute for diet and exercise, many of the hurdles to losing weight (and keeping it off) have a psycho-physiological basis. Whether you struggle with emotional eating, dieting fatigue, lack of consistent motivation, slow metabolism, cravings for sweet foods, low energy, poor digestion, or depressed moods, using essential oils as part of your fitness program could be the missing piece that helps propel and sustain you in your weight loss goals.

6 Essential Oils to Help With Weight Loss

1. Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil actually works with your body in activating enzymes that help your body break down brown body fat. We know that grapefruit can benefit weight loss and that the essential oil of grapefruit actually comes from the grapefruit peel.  The peel is very high in certain compounds like D-limonene and helps support the metabolism as well as the cleansing and drainage of your lymphatic glands.

When applied topically to the skin in small amounts, grapefruit essential oil is an excellent diuretic and lymphatic stimulant. This is one reason why it’s included in many cellulite creams and blends that are used for dry brushing. For that reason, grapefruit essential oil is the number one oil that can help your body in burning fat and losing weight.  because of how it activates enzymes in your saliva, it can then help break down body fat in your body. 

When mixed with patchouli oil, grapefruit oil is known to lower cravings and hunger, which makes it a great tool to lose weight fast in a healthy way. Add several drops to your water, diffuse it in your office or home, or massage some onto your chest and wrists when a craving strikes.

How to use:
1- You can make invigorating and refreshing drink by adding 1 to 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil to your daily glass of drinking water to flush out toxins and support metabolism especially before breakfast in the morning. It also enhances the flavor of water and food.
2- Massage for at least 30 minutes on areas on problem areas by adding it into 1 to 2 oz of carrier oil like raw organic virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Do not wash off for several hours.
3- Add 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil to your warm bath, combining it with 5 drops of ginger, 5 drops of orange, 5 drops of sandalwood and 5 drops of lemon essential oil for a rejuvenating detox bath. Plus, add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it and make sure to disperse oils with your hand thoroughly and soak for approximately 30 minutes.

2. Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil has been shown time and time again to help regulate blood glucose levels and something in your body called GTF, glucose tolerance factor. For that reason, cinnamon oil is also fantastic for anybody with diabetes.

It helps balance blood sugar, which long-term will help with weight loss and help reduce those cravings for sugar. Unstable blood sugar can lead to overeating, low energy and weight gain, but adding cinnamon oil to fruit, tea, oats, baked goods or smoothies helps slow the rate at which glucose is released into the blood.

How to use:
1- Drink few drops of cinnamon essential oil combining it with honey in one cup of warm water before breakfast and at night before sleeping.
2- Inhale or diffuse cinnamon essential oil before meals or try adding 1 to 2 drops of oil to drinking water and take before half or one hour before meals to help with appetite regulation.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil has unique weight loss benefits. It is great for reducing appetite and helps suppress cravings. We feel full because of a special mechanism in our brain and peppermint works on that part of the brain which triggers the feeling of fullness when you eat. It is found to be more effective than any other scent in supporting good moods in the brain, lack of which is linked with cravings for sweets.

A study on the effects of peppermint scent on appetite control confirms that participants inhaling peppermint essential oil were less likely to feel hungry and had fewer cravings than the ones who didn’t inhale peppermint essential oil.

4. Bergamot Essential Oil

This oil is extracted from Italian citrus fruits and it is perfect for those who eat when they are stressed. Sedative properties of bergamot essential oil make it perfect for fighting stress related weight gain and controlling stress eating. It can be more effective if you pair it with lavender essential oil.

This oil is very effective in weight management because it contains extremely large amounts of the polyphenols (that are also found in green tea). This polyphenols content is great for blood sugar support, increasing metabolism and supporting normal cholesterol levels. Bergamot has enzymes that are linked to supporting normal blood sugar levels. Also using citrus oils and peppermint together can give you a boost in energy to feel more like being active and fit.

How to use:
1- You can put few drops on a cloth and inhale the vapors to calm and relax when you are stressed and tempted to eat more.
2- You can also put a drop into one teaspoon of honey or drink in a 4 oz of almond milk to have more calming effect.
3- It can also be used for applied or massaged to the feet or on the neck adding it in the carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
4- It can also be diluted in a warm bath in the morning to assist with feelings of overwhelm to help with starting a refreshing day.

5. Frankincense Essential:

Like Bergamot essential oil, Frankincense essential oil works great for stress eating. It helps overcoming negative feelings and behavior so that you no longer feel tempted to eat more to deal with stress. It is very calming and helps us to rest and meditate, which will help reduce the feelings that prompt many to overeat.

How to use:
1- Diffuse it and inhale the vapors by diluting it in a mixture of 1 drop Frankincense essential oil to 1 drop of carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
2- Apply it directly on the stomach or to the feet.
3- Add 1 or 2 drops in 1 teaspoon of honey or a 4 oz. almond milk.

6. Lemon Essential Oil:

Like grapefruit essential oil, it contains d-Limonene and full of minerals and vitamins specifically vitamin C.  Lemon essential oil is great for addressing intestinal parasites that are often a secret cause of weight gain. It helps in weight loss by dealing with various digestive complaints, balancing your metabolism and increasing energy levels. It helps the body to carry less toxins, which  unfortunately stores in the fat cells as a defense mechanism to protect us.

The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Institute of Chicago found that inhaling lemon and peppermint essential oil scent is more natural and effective way to control appetite to help support healthy body composition.

How to use:
1- Daily rubbing and massaging lemon essential oil to the problem areas helps to the support toxin elimination systems. Ridding the body of these toxins will support metabolism making us healthier as well.
2- Adding 1 to 2 drops of lemon essential oil in the drinking water before breakfast will have a gentle detoxifying effect on the body.
3- You can also inhale or diffuse lemon essential oil before meals.

Essential oils have been used for over five thousand years. They’re one of the most powerful forms of medicine in the world, but grapefruit, cinnamon and ginger are probably the most effective essential oils for weight loss.


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